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Three charged with killing Worcester man whose body was found under RI deck  #CriminalDefense


A grand jury indicted three people on charges that they beat and murdered a Worcester man, then buried his body in concrete beneath a newly constructed deck in Burrillville, according to Attorney General Peter Kilmartin.
A Providence County grand jury handed up indictments against Steven Pietrowicz, 39, and Michelle Morin, 40, of Burrillville, and Corey Bickhardt, 34, of Sciota, Pennsylvania, with one count each of conspiracy, one count of murder, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and one count of failing to report a death in the murder of Domingo Ortiz, 60, of Worcester.
Denise Walker, 39, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, was indicted on one count of failing to report a death, according to an Oct. 1 indictment report released Tuesday.
Prosecutors allege that the three suspected murderers conspired to kill Mr. Ortiz at a gathering at the 505 Douglas Pike, Burrillville, residence of Mr. Pietrowicz and Ms. Morin on May 6. Ortiz had been missing since May 5 and was believed to be visiting the residents of 505 Douglas Pike.
The alleged killers assaulted Mr. Ortiz with a bat before he died, according to the indictment.
Police uncovered Mr. Ortiz’s body in a shallow grave under freshly poured concrete on the south side of the Douglas Pike house on May 29. Mr. Pietrowicz and Ms. Morin were arrested shortly after, but the charges against the Pennsylvania pair are new.
It was not immediately clear how the people involved knew each other or Mr. Ortiz. Mr. Pietrowicz and Ms. Morin were dating, but prosecutors are “unaware” of the extent of the relationship between Mr. Bickhardt and Ms. Walker, according to Amy Kempe, a spokeswoman for Mr. Kilmartin’s office.
An inspection of Pennsylvania court dockets shows Mr. Bickhardt has had numerous encounters with law enforcement, starting with a number of traffic violations from 2006 to 2011 – mostly driving with a suspended or revoked license.
He faced drug charges in 2013; in 2014, burglary and theft and criminal trespass charges, and criminal trespass charges and again in 2015, criminal trespass.
Both Ms. Walker and Mr. Bickhardt were charged in May after $2,951 in stolen U.S. savings bonds were found in the Mr. Bickhardt’s vehicle.
Mr. Pietrowicz and Ms. Morin are scheduled to be arraigned in Providence County Superior Court on Wednesday. Mr. Bickhardt is serving time in Pennsylvania on unrelated charges and Rhode Island arraignment has not been scheduled, according to the release.
Police have issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Walker.



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