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Our land development clients only want to know one thing: Can you get this done? They don’t want excuses. They want a straightforward answer. At Silva, Thomas, Martland & Offenberg, Ltd., we evaluate our clients’ plans and goals with respect to the administrative, regulatory, and governmental climate. We are upfront with our clients about what they can expect from the process. We tell them what they need to hear so they can make an informed and educated decision as to whether they wish to proceed.

If a client chooses to proceed, we have extensive experience appearing before zoning boards, planning boards, city and town councils, municipal courts, and state agencies, including the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). Over the years, we have developed positive relationships with people at every level of the state and municipal permitting process. Our experience with these state and municipal bodies allows us to quickly identify the proper parties to contact regarding your representation. If you have questions regarding commercial zoning, residential zoning, or land use law, contact us to schedule a consultation.

As land use law attorneys, we have experience representing clients regarding:

  • Commercial zoning
  • Residential zoning
  • Commercial real estate development
  • Commercial design ordinances
  • Real estate development
  • Subdivisions
  • Wetlands permitting
  • Affordable housing projects

We have represented a wide variety of clients from small businesses to multi-million dollar land development projects. Large scale development projects often involve unique and complex details. We have extensive experience handling these large scale development projects. From small businesses to large scale shopping mall developments, our clients can rest assured that we have the experience, skill, and connections to give them quality legal advice.

Contact a skilled land use law attorney

As land use lawyers, we have helped many clients define their goals and act accordingly to accomplish those goals. If you need assistance to get a land development or zoning change approved, call Silva, Thomas, Martland & Offenberg, Ltd. We can be reached by telephone, fax, or by completing the client intake form on this Web site.

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